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Product Protection

Whether a company is a small, mid or large cap company, a strong intellectual property portfolio provides the company with the ability to become a more effective competitor and enhance shareholder value. A portfolio may include utility or design patents, to protect the product itself, one or more trademarks to build brand identity, copyrights, to protect advertising and promotional material and packaging, etc.

A company moving into a new business will usually create an intellectual property portfolio to protect the products being created, to allow market share to develop free from competition for at least a minimum time, and then to block competitors, at least from the core concepts in the product. At CoSud Intellectural Property Solutions,
we believe it is important that the intellectual property portfolio protect the products which are being sold from identical "knock-offs", but also from products that encroach upon the broader intellectual property rights surrounding these products.

Good branding may be particularly important, as brand identity is a type of protection that does not expire with time, as do patents. Having strong brand identity can help maintain market share after patent expiration, and so receiving competent advise on the selection, registration and protection of any trademark or trade dress is equally important. 

Regular development reviews to identify protectable aspects of new product, and also to monitor changes made after launch should be undertaken to maintain the protection of cutting edge products. At CoSud Intellectural Property Solutions, we often oversee our clients' new product developments, not only to advise from the standpoint of protecting a market, but also to prevent a competitor from patenting improvements and gaining a foothold in the market.